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Justin Clift jclift at
Fri Apr 8 05:03:17 UTC 2005

Alex Rousskov wrote:
 > The
> same  wizard can even ask whether you want a recommendation based on 
> OSI  logic/preferences or FSF logic/preferemces or CelebrityN  
> logic/preferences...

Now that's an interesting thought.

> To simplify things, I would hard-code that each question changes the  
> relative weight of one or more known licenses and a set of questions to  
> ask next. The license(s) with higher resulting weights would be used 
> for  the final recommendation, possibly along with some short 
> explanation about  each license. It would be cool if the decision logic 
> would be explained to  the user as well (see my earlier post for an 
> example of a dialog).

My concern with this is that it sounds less than straightforward to 
implement in a timely fashion.  More of a "version 2" kind of thing.

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

> Thanks,
> Alex.

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