License Wizard; previously Re: An explanation of the difficulty of solving licenseproliferation in one sentence

Scott Miller scott at
Thu Apr 7 20:11:25 UTC 2005

I once saw a license comparison matrix with several licenses and their
pertinent features.  I can't find it now, but it might be a first test for
coverage of the wizard - make sure it asks questions for all of the
important distinguishing features.  I was actually looking for that (or a
wizard) when I came across this mailing list.


> To simplify things, I would hard-code that each question changes the
> relative weight of one or more known licenses and a set of questions to
> ask next. The license(s) with higher resulting weights would be used for
> the final recommendation, possibly along with some short explanation about
> each license. It would be cool if the decision logic would be explained to
> the user as well (see my earlier post for an example of a dialog).

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