License Wizard; previously Re: An explanation of the difficulty of solving licenseproliferation in one sentence

Joichi Ito jito at
Thu Apr 7 19:10:33 UTC 2005

I am on the board of Creative Commons and I just confirmed with Lawrence
Lessig, the chairman of Creative Commons that we can provide you with the
code and any other help you need with this.

 - Joi

On 4/7/05 16:02, "Alex Rousskov" <rousskov at> wrote:

> On Thu, 2005/04/07 (MDT), <jclift at> wrote:
>> Design/config wise, what are you thinking of?
> I have a couple of ideas that I think will work well. Will write them up
> within 24 hours.
> Should we move the technical discussions off this list?
> Can somebody contact Creative Comments and ask whether their code is
> reusable for this project?
> Should we create a Source Forge project or something of that kind to give
> us the place to store code and discussiong forums, bug tracker? I can do
> that.
> Thanks,
> Alex.


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