An explanation of the difficulty of solving licenseproliferation in one sentence

Justin Clift jclift at
Fri Apr 1 15:17:19 UTC 2005

Fink, Martin R wrote:
> The sky ain't falling and nor have I ever suggested that it is.  In
> fact, I think everything is perfectly fine... for now.  I'm concerned
> about the future, that's all.

As an additional measure, technical rather than strategic, would it be 
worthwhile looking to lower the barriers to choosing an Open Source 
license by implementing something simple like... a wizard?  ;)

This may or may not be a popular example to point out, but the Creative 
Commons website has a wizard/guide through which it asks the potential 
publisher a series of questions in step by step fashion:

At the end of which, they're where they need to be.  Can we apply a 
similar process here, to guide people to the existing licenses that 
would meet their needs, and possibly guide them around licenses that 
(from here forwards) are felt not as recommendable as perhaps they once 

> The point about "what are the reasons why I'm concerned" is fair.  I do
> have a day job that keeps me fairly occupied, but I hope that in the
> next few days/weeks I will post a public write up that tries to
> explicitly outlines the fact that everything is ok TODAY, and why I
> think we need to evolve to ensure that things stay Ok.  I'll advise when
> I'm done.
> Martin

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