An explanation of the difficulty of solving licenseproliferation in one sentence

Alex Bligh alex at
Fri Apr 1 09:41:24 UTC 2005

--On 31 March 2005 22:57 -0500 "Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M." 
<roddixon at> wrote:

> It is worth noting that the freedom to contract or to copyright your
> software (by way of drafting a software license) is not a freedom that
> can be easily abridged by this grouper any other.

Hold your horses a second. I am a little sceptical about some of
the "ills of license proliferation" remedies too, but noone is
suggesting abridging the freedom of the licensor to choose the
license of their choice. The most that is being suggested is that
the OSI ceases to endorse such licenses, and what many people are
suggesting is that it merely moves such licenses into a "secondary"
category (i.e. 'yes, we confirm this is open source (i.e. meets the
OSD), but no we do not recommend using it'). Whilst you may or may
not support that proposition, I think characterising it as an abridgement
of the freedoms of the licensor is incorrect.


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