compatibility and the OSD

Chuck Swiger chuck at
Wed Sep 29 19:06:15 UTC 2004

On Sep 29, 2004, at 1:49 PM, John Cowan wrote:
> Chuck Swiger scripsit:
>> Doesn't the Python Software Foundation License, which corresponds to
>> python-2.x, include the "ACCEPT" button from the CNRI Python v1.6b1
>> license?
> IMHO no (IANAL, TINLA, as usual).

My question was a point of fact, not a matter of opinion.
(We may already have had enough debate about opinions for the moment.  

The current Python license, at,
includes the word "ACCEPT", along with a full copy of the CNRI license.

> Clause 2 merely requires that the
> *text* of the license be retained in derivative works such as Python 
> 2.x.
> The SHOUTED paragraph expressly applies to Python 1.6 beta 1, and there
> is no indication that it is inherited by derivative works.

The shouted paragraph is repeated in clause 8 of the CNRI license, 
which is being inherited by derivative works such as Python-2.0 and 

> In my view, then, the Python license is effective only down to the
> end of the PSL part (clause 8), and everything after that is mere
> humble-bumble that can't be deleted but has no legal effect.

Hmm.  Perhaps someone who is a lawyer might be able to confirm or deny 
whether the terms of the CNRI Python license have "no legal effect" on 
someone using a derived work of a PSF-licensed version of Python?


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