compatibility and the OSD

Rick Moen rick at
Tue Sep 28 21:17:00 UTC 2004

Quoting Chuck Swiger (cswiger at

> Rick Moen wrote:
> [ ... ]
> >Are you looking for someone to argue with?
> [ ... ]
> >Your humble opinion has been duly noted and discarded.
> [ ... ]
> >And again.
> [ ... ]
> >No, it's not.  It just proves something about the management in
> >question, which I'll be polite and not voice.
> [ ... ]
> Rick, insulting someone repeatedly and then claiming to be polite is 
> dishonest.

I cannot help notice that the phrases you quoted make no
characterisation of anyone in particular.  In fact, none but the 
last one even _mentions_ anyone in particular, and then only to say 
that I'm withholding my view.

Mentioning that I'm _not stating my view_ is impolite?  Must be quite a
garden of politesse, in your area.

Note:  I did not "claim to be polite"; I said that not voicing my view
in the matter mentioned was the more polite of the available options
(and was taking it).

Moving right along:

> I agree with Alex Rousskov's point.  There are plenty of people on this 
> list who were doing open source long before Bruce Perens came up with the 
> predecessor to the OSD in 1997.  

Despite having the gravest of respect, warmest and friendliest regard,
and best wishes for your no doubt admirable opinions, I am obliged to
remind you that antecedent discussion concerned the _term_ "open source"
(in the software context), not _doing_ open source.

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