For Approval: Academic Citing License

Johannes Kaiser jkaiser at
Mon Sep 27 21:52:16 UTC 2004

On 27 Sep 2004, at 15:42, Stephen C. North wrote:

> Dictating what other researchers write or cite in their
> own publications seems like an indirect form of wanting
> to be "paid" (by means of recognition that would not
> otherwise have been given).  Doesn't the contributor of
> the software believe that the work is strong enough to
> stand on its own merits?

I had not expected an attack on my professional qualities in this 

> It's the job of referees to
> point out when authors have failed to cite the most relevant
> work.  Why tamper with the normal process?

Because I know cases where the normal process failed to ensure proper 
credits for the code's author. Maybe ATT is (still) a scientific 
heaven; environmental sciences certainly are not and I have not got a 
permanent position to relax on.


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