Slashdotted blog - was RE: compatibility and the OSD

Kevin Bedell kevin at
Mon Sep 27 14:42:04 UTC 2004

I blogged some of the ideas I pulled out of this discussion here:

Anyway - for better or worse - it just got slashdotted.

Here's the slashdot entry:

Posted by timothy on Sunday September 26, @10:22PM
from the you-must-be-this-tall-to-enter dept.
jaaron writes ""Can open source and closed standards work together? That's the
question asked by Kevin Bedell in his O'Reilly weblog article. The issue
springs from questions on an OSI mailing list, hinting that Sun Microsystems is
looking for an open source license that would require derivatives to maintain
test suite compatibility. Under such a scheme Sun could maintain control of the
Java API but allow open implementations."

I believe that whomever submitted the entry to slashdot may have believed that
Bob's queries had motives behind them that I personally didn't try to intimate.
I was using Java as an example, but I believe the reader may have read more
into it than I intended.

If that's the case, then certainly my apologies go out to Bob --


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