compatibility and the OSD

Ernest Prabhakar prabhaka at
Thu Sep 23 17:59:39 UTC 2004

Hi Bob,

On Sep 23, 2004, at 9:25 AM, Bob Scheifler wrote:

>> The larger point is that the AAL is probably right on the line as far 
>> as acceptability, but your license goes over that line.
> OK. If instead the license permitted distribution of incompatible
> binaries, but required them to display, when run, a statement
> that they are incompatible, would that be on the line, or over it?

Well, based on precedent it certainly seems that a license which has an 
equally vague, yet no more obnoxious notification clause than the AAL 
would be a viable candidate for OSD certification.  However,  I suspect 
the final judgement would depend on the nature of the actual license.   
When you're playing so close to the line on stuff like this, subtle 
distinctions can make the difference between a response of "obnoxious 
but passable" vs. "Kill it!  Kill it now!" :-).

Conversely, it may well be worthwhile to consider alternate means of 
achieving your desired result.  Care to share *why* you're concerned 
about incompatibility?

-- Ernie P.
IANAL, TINLA, blah blah blah

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