One product, multiple licenses

- Barry - mail at
Thu Sep 23 11:47:07 UTC 2004

Hi, I'd like an opinion on whether I'm abiding by the various licenses that 
I need to abide by in the top text of 
and in the EZ TAR download available on that webpage.

There are several parts EZ TAR to it and I'm not sure what falls under what 
license when combined as I'm combining them. I might embed the interface in 
or bundle it with a commercial product, so I chose the LGPL, but I turned it 
into an executable with TinyPerl, so I need to include a file called 
Perl58.dll along with the exe to get it to work. I want to make it clear to 
people (assuming it's true) that using Perl58.dll without my script makes it 
fall under a different license.

According to , TinyPerl's Perl58.dll 
contains PerlLib and maybe some other stuff (it's hard to understand). 
TinyPerl falls under Perl's Artistic License at (or GPL, I think), 
but it says at that "Perllib uses 
Libwww's copyright notice as well as the full W3C license."

I'm not as confused about including GNU tar because its license is built 
into the installer. It uses GPL, and I want EZ TAR to use LGPL, but I think 
that's ok since I don't need to include GNU tar with EZ TAR in my commercial 
application, though I'd like to.

I have a few more thoughts on this, but I said enough already. Any comments 
or suggestions?


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