compatibility and the OSD

Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M. rdixon at
Mon Sep 20 23:28:40 UTC 2004

Bob - item #2 conflicts with the OSD.  You have presented the classic Sun
Microsystems/Java problem. Controlling technological modifications through a
test suite is no different than withholding approval of derivative works
until YOU (as the copyright holder) provide specific approval of all
modifications intended to be distributed; both methods prevent unrestricted
modifications of the original work and negate the existence of a genuine
open source licensing scheme. A dual-licensing scheme MAY work, but you'll
need to set it up differently. One way may be to establish a two-tier
codebase. BTW, I did not see your entire license so what is said now COULD
change depending on what else is in the license.


Rod Dixon
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For my personal edification, and hoping this is an acceptable inquiry,
I'd like to understand if and specifically how the following informal
license sketch conflicts with the OSD. Any and all comments appreciated.

1. The licensed work consists of source code, test suite in executable
    form, and test suite documentation.
2. A derivative work in executable form that has passed the unmodified
    test suite can be distributed under a license of your choosing.
3. Any other derivative work can only be distributed under this license.
    Any such distribution must include the unmodified test suite and
    test suite documentation.

- Bob

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