compatibility and the OSD

Bob Scheifler Bob.Scheifler at Sun.COM
Mon Sep 20 23:24:32 UTC 2004

For the avoidance of doubt (I hope), here's a more fleshed out license
(IANAL, this is still a sketch). Does the Simplistic Compatibility License
conflict with the OSD?

			Simplistic Compatibility License

"License" means <this license>.

"Original Work" means <the Source Code, Test Suite, and Test Suite
Documentation made available under this License>.

"Derivative Work" means <derivative work of Original Work>.

"Source Code" means <code in Source Form>.

"Source Form" means <source form>.

"Executable Form" means <executable form, containing no code in Source Form>.

"Test Suite" means <a test suite in Executable Form, identified as such>.

"Test Suite Documentation" means <documentation for the Test Suite,
identified as such>.

"Compatible" means <passes the unmodified Test Suite, using the
procedures specified in the unmodified Test Suite Documentation>.

"You" (or "Your") means <you (or your)>.

1. You are granted a perpetual, world-wide, non-exclusive, royalty-free
    license to make copies of the Original Work, prepare Derivative Works,
    publicly display and perform the Original Work, and distribute copies
    of the Original Work and Derivative Works, subject to the following:

    a. The Original Work can only be distributed under this License.

    b. A Compatible Derivative Work in Executable Form can be
       distributed under a license of Your choosing.

    c. Any other Derivative Work can only be distributed under this License
       as the combination of Source Code, unmodified Test Suite, and
       unmodified Test Suite Documentation.

- Bob

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