For Approval: mindmason license (MML)

Stephan Meyer stephan.meyer at
Sun Sep 5 06:59:00 UTC 2004

> The "offer of contract to any party" originated from the author.  
> Based on
> the license text, the intent is that when I redistribute the software,
> I am communicating that same offer of contract. I cannot bestow the
> necessary rights myself.
> It is my understanding that it is impossible to make an offer of 
> contract
> perpetual, hence the OSD conflict.

What you are saying here is that contract law is not compliant with the 

But the OSD can require only as much as is possible by law.
This is evidenced by the wording of the OSD: It refers only to "the 
license". "The license must ..." "The license may not ..." "The license 
must not ..."

"The license shall not restrict any party from selling or giving away 
the software ..." -> Well, no, the license doesn't. The author might if 
chooses to do so. The next logical step would be to force the author to 
sign a document stating that he won't revoke the offer of contract and 
that he is requiring in his will that his heirs won't, either.

This clearly is unworkable.

Kind regards,
	Stephan Meyer

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