For Approval: mindmason license (MML)

Stephan Meyer stephan.meyer at
Fri Sep 3 17:23:48 UTC 2004

Am 02.09.2004 um 17:57 schrieb Forrest J. Cavalier III:
> Stephan Meyer wrote:
>> Am 02.09.2004 um 17:06 schrieb Forrest J. Cavalier III:
>>> I see your 2 III as being in conflict with the OSD on its face.
>>>   "Licensee is not entitled to grant rights pertaining to the 
>>> Program to third persons. "
> The GPL is a permission license under copyright laws.  You are 
> offering a
> contract, so your comparison to the GPL is interesting, but not 
> persuasive.

Section 2 III MML has no relevance in a permission license because then 
the person who downloads the software is not granted a right by the 
person who offers the download (the previous Licensee).

The person offering the download is allowed to do so by section 2 II 
MML, which reads:
"(II) Licensor grants Licensee four rights: To use, to copy, to 
distribute and to modify the Program. [...] He grants Licensee the 
right to [...] distribute copies made."

Kind regards,
	Stephan Meyer

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