For Approval: mindmason license (MML)

Lasse R. Nielsen atwork at
Thu Sep 2 16:06:39 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2 Sep 2004 17:45:21 +0200, Stephan Meyer <stephan.meyer at>  

> Please elaborate on how one can "legally obtain" a copy of a computer  
> program while rejecting the license terms that come with it.

Easy. You, the author and copyright holder of the software, publishes the
software for free download on your web page. You do not require any  
to any license before downloading. I download it. I now have a legally
obtained copy of the program (legal because you have the right to  
distribute it),
without having agreed to anything.

That is how most open source licenses works. I have yet to agree to  
anything before
downloading a project from SourceForge.

The job of the license is not to prevent me from obtaining the software.  
It puts
limits on how I can re-distribute it, or derivative works, because that is  
a right
normally restricted to the copyright holder.

Lasse R. Nielsen
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