AW: For Approval: Some License Or Another

Mikko Valimaki mikko.valimaki at
Tue Nov 30 11:30:05 UTC 2004

Axel Metzger wrote:

> You should have a look into the law review articles published in Germany and
> France during the last 2-3 years. Then you would know better than your Finish
> anonymous correspondent. 

Ok, just my three Finnish anonymous cents:

- I think Larry is right and we shouldn't have any new licenses, which 
only fix some notorious language etc issues without any functional 
- I also think Creative Commons approach may be needed for content where 
you have an average websurfer as the licensee who may not speak english 
& may not understand the principles of free licensing. But I think we 
can expect most software developers wherever they come from nowadays do 
understand both english & the principles of open source
- This said I can but refer to the active discussion in Europe where 
some experts think there are fundamental legal problems with open source 
and others think there are not. I agree there are some problems 
especially when you have consumers as licensees (and the question 
becomes closer to CC) but in most cases the problem may be overstated 
just like with software patents...


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