AW: For Approval: Some License Or Another

Axel Metzger metzger at
Tue Nov 30 07:51:09 UTC 2004

Hello Lawrence, hello list,

Lawrence Rosen wrote:
>Perhaps we ought to require license submitters to go through a private
>process of requesting changes to specific already-approved licenses before
>an entirely new license is proposed? If an idea is a good one, shouldn't it
>be easier to get an existing licensor to adopt that provision for his
>license rather than try to convince customers to adopt something entirely

I hope you don't mind my clear words. I am trying since five years to
convince the FSF to take into account the legal problems the GPL has under
German and European law while writing the GPL V3. My experience is: You
cannot really influence them. It's like in some comments on this list. Eat it
like it is or stay hungry. Free Software/Open Source Software people from the
US often have a unilateral way of thinking. It's a lack of political wisdom.
Creative commons is the smarter project. They have started to build coalition
with Europeans. Today I'm convinced that it is not only necessary for the
GFSL people to have a license that is feasible under German/European law. It
is necessary for them to have the power to change the license if necessary. 

Best regards,

Axel Metzger

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