For Approval: Some License Or Another

Alvin Oga alvin at
Tue Nov 30 01:58:36 UTC 2004

hi ya chuck

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Chuck Swiger wrote:

> Lawrence Rosen wrote:
> I value the contributions you have made, and I hope you chose to comment on 
> issues which interest you in the future.

i think we all do :-)

> It seems perfectly reasonable to me that an author of a software program who 
> wants to "share" it with other people might want to write a license which 
> describes the terms they want their software to be shared under.

i equate that to :
	- a software programmer writing a legal document is the equivalent
	to a lawyer writing complicated software code 

	- the end result will be a direct result of one's understanding of
	the issues at hand and one can do it oneself or solicit input
	from those that do it for a living

	- by the same token, one must undrstand all the issues to talk to
	the lawyers to draw up a license that is binding in the target

the part i like; if a lawer is paid to write a legal doc, they
presumably know what they are doing and they presumably have
liability insurance if they "screw up" in a big way, that an
entry level attorney wouldn't have made those mistakes

somewhere along the line, due my foggy crystal ball, i suspect there
probably will be a test case, wrt to "licenses" :
	"practicing law without a license"

c ya

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