For Approval: German Free Software License

Thorsten Glaser tg at
Mon Nov 29 17:40:28 UTC 2004

Chuck Swiger dixit:


Yada yada. You forgot Dragonfly, MirOS, ekkoBSD, MicroBSD, emBSD,
PicoBSD and whatnot. So? I happen to be a BSD developer. Don't
ask me to re-count the number of advertising clauses we already
have in tree.

>> No, since upon entering the Linux kernel it's automatically GPL'd.
> This is obviously wrong.

Just wrongly worded:

After entering the Linux kernel, a work becomes automatically GPL'd
if the original author / copyright owner distributes a Linux kernel
binary with said work integrated (happens...), or if the licence of
said work explicitly states this (LGPL does, D-FSL does).

> optional part of their operating systems as part of a compilation; they are not
> willing to adopt GPL'ed code into the kernel if such code would be required by
> the kernel to function.

OpenBSD/i386 still comes with a GPL'd floating point emulator
for the 80386 and 80486SX processors contained within the
kernel binaries provided.

I checked that less than two weeks ago.


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