AW: For Approval - German Free Software License

Bernhard Fastenrath bfastenrath at
Mon Nov 29 16:07:09 UTC 2004

Dusch, Christiane wrote:
> "(2) The license board of the German Free Software 
> License may put into force binding new versions 
> of this License inasmuch as this is required and 
> reasonable. New versions of the License will be 
> be similar in its policies AND FOLLOW THE MODEL OF

That is not a well defined term within the context
of the license yet. You should either define open
source or delegate this definition to OSI.

Personally I wouldn't use a self-modifying license
as an author and I would try to avoid it as a user
because it is, even if meant well, an error prone
concept that can easily be misused and might even
raise interest for misuse or be a precedent for
less well meaning licenses based on self-modification.

Please consider a GPL-like clause, even if german law
considers your upgrade clause appropriate.

> They will be published on the Internet site
 > <>
> with a unique version number. The new 
> version of the License becomes binding for you as 
> soon as you become aware of its publication. 
> Legal remedies against the modification of the 
> License are not restricted by the regulations 
> described above." 
> Please note that I cannot decide those changes by myself.
 > I could only offer to proof and discuss it carefully with
 > the other parties involved.
This is not legal advice and I'm also not an OSI member. <>

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