AW: AW: AW: For Approval: German Free Software License

Axel Metzger metzger at
Mon Nov 29 08:05:36 UTC 2004

Hello Bernhard and Russell, hello list,

Sorry, but I do not believe that we will come to a common point by writing
e-mails to the list.

Bernhard Fastenrath wrote:
>You are asking OSI to give up a part of its authority. It think it
>is preferrable to act like the French CNRS you mentioned. They are
>not asking OSI to give up authority but they don't place themself
>under the authority of OSI either. Why is this a requirement for
>the GFSL at all?

It's not a requirement for the GFSL people. They would like to cooperate with
OSI and I advised them that this would be a good idea. You do not really
appreciate the efforts they made by translating everything to English
language etc. 

I see that some members of the list, especially Bernhard and Russell, have a
problem with the new license versions-clause. When I read on the OSI website
the following...

	"If license-discuss mailing list members find that the license does
not conform to the Open Source Definition, they will work with you to
resolve the problems."

... I had the expectation that we could work together on some kind of
compromise. I was wrong to that point. It seems to me that Bernhard and
Russell do not want to have any sort of compromise. For them it's a question
of right or wrong. I have to accept this. It's their decision. 

I have also read positive comments on the list. Thanks for them too.

I would suggest that we wait now until the OSI-board decides what they think
about the license and under what conditions they are willing to certify it or
not. Then the GFSL-people have to decide whether they are willing to pay the
price or not. 

I will go back to work now.


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