STWL 1.0, revision 7: please comment

Bernhard Fastenrath bfastenrath at
Tue Nov 23 11:32:34 UTC 2004

Ernest Prabhakar <prabhaka at> wrote:
>> I did say "probably" -- maybe this meets the letter of the OSD, but 
>> the whole notion seems contrary to the spirit (IMHO).  I'd just put 
>> them in a non-normative preamble (rather than in the license proper) 
>> and be done with it.

Thank you for the hint, my modification for the EU constitution is
asking to do just that, to put important statements merely into the
non-normative preamble. I will modify my initiative and request the
modification of the body of the constitution to reflect the changes to
the preamble and that a further voting process by the people of the EU
is necessary to ratify this constitution:

We, the people of the european union in the year 20xx, declare this 
constitution a provisional constitution for the european union with the 
goal to establish, with the help of god, an ecologically sustainable 
society as a heritage to future generations. The articles of the 
constitution shall be secondary to this goal. The regions and countries 
of the european union shall specifically retain the right to reform land 
ownership, to regulate transit traffic and the taxation of transit 
traffic, to issue independent currency and to regulate free enterprise 
and scientific research in any way they deem necessary to attain a more 
sustainable society. The european union shall attempt to unify 
similarities without hindering the progress towards this goal. The 
european union shall seek to support other countries on the road towards 
more sustainability and shall especially refrain from the creation of a 
european army. This constitution shall remain in place until future 
generations of european citizens decide by direct vote and with majority 
to replace this constitution with a, hopefully, more enlightened 
declaration, guiding the european union towards a sustainable future.

-- <>

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