Definition of open source

Russell Nelson nelson at
Sun Nov 7 16:30:59 UTC 2004

Alan Rihm writes:
 > Interesting. Why would it be off-charter to discuss changes or
 > derivatives to the definition and the licenses? That seems to be
 > limiting the discussion to only issues that appeal to the list
 > managers....hmmm

Changes to the OSD to make it less restrictive are not on the table.
Discussion of what those non-existent changes should be is a waste of
list participants time.

List members have been gently trying to clue you in.  I'll be less
gentle because you haven't been listening to them.  If you do not
voluntarily shut up on this topic, I'll shut you up.  Make your own
mailing list to talk about a new certification mark.  Announce it
here, by all means.  But don't think you can hijack this mailing list
to advance an agenda which is off-topic for this list.

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