Definition of open source

Rick Moen rick at
Sun Nov 7 00:23:55 UTC 2004

Quoting Alan Rihm (alan at

> I am not looking for a lesson on how to make money in open source. I'm
> certain that I know how to make money with the current model, as well as
> with the proposed model. I was simply asking that we discuss the
> possibility of a different licensing model since the current one does
> not address our specific business requirements.

Er, were you the Alan Rihm who wanted to change the OSD to accomodate
his personal business needs, or was that a different Alan Rihm?  

> It is pretty clear to me that certain members of this list will not be
> swayed, and that is not unexpected. Since there has been about a 50/50
> split on the topic during today's exchange (on and off list), I suggest
> that there may not be a majority agreement on the topic.

Were you under the mistaken impression that OSI is ruled by a majority
of frequent posters to this open public mailing list?

I've seen a lot better attempts to wield the bandwagon fallacy, Alan.
Please level with us:  What are you _really_ trying to accomplish with all
this rhetoric?  Is this some sort of recruiting/publicity drive at OSI's
expense?  If so, you could lower the noise level by just announcing your
new initiative and having done with it.  Or you can join Marius's
shareware collective and beat the drum there.

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