Definition of open source

Rick Moen rick at
Sun Nov 7 00:13:29 UTC 2004

Quoting Zvezdan Petkovic (zvezdan at CS.WM.EDU):

> On Sat, Nov 06, 2004 at 09:59:06AM -0500, James Harrell wrote:
> > believe that the time has come for Commercial Open Source
> Commercial Open Source is an oxymoron.

{sigh}  No, it's not.  _Proprietary_ open source is an oxymoron.

If I sell you a copy of Ubuntu Linux on CD, that is an act of commerce.
Ergo, the object of that transaction is, in that sense, commercial
software.  However, except for a couple of firmware image files and 
some typefaces, all of the contents are under open source licences.
Therefore, it is commercial open-source software.

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