Fwd: Modified GPL Question

Michael Poole mdpoole at troilus.org
Tue Nov 2 18:42:51 UTC 2004

James W. Thompson, II writes:

> I know this may not be specifically germane to this list but I wanted
> to try my luck at getting a response. Below is a message I sent to
> licensing at gnu.org regarding a 'Modified GPL' concern, the original
> message explains the issue best. I want to know if there is anything I
> am missing on this issue.

The copyright holder(s) -- I will assume it is just you -- may release
software under any license at all.  The problem with your added clause
is not whether *you* would violate the GPL, but whether others would.
There are some very ambiguous situations.

For example, the three-clause BSD license is an OSI approved Open
Source license.  It does not require distribution of source with
binaries.  The question for the licensee is what your license means in
that situation: what source code, and what rights, must they provide
to people to whome the licensee gives the combined work?

Are your goals satisfactorily met by the LGPL?

Michael Poole

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