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John Cowan cowan at
Fri Feb 27 15:24:54 UTC 2004

Kerry Watson scripsit:

> Anyway, I am trying to find out if it is acceptable to write a book
> about an open source software program? I am talking about a users'
> manual for a program that states that it is subject to the OSI terms and
> license. I can't tell from the language whether a book would be a
> "derivative work" etc. I can't find any limitations about books or
> users' manuals. 

No worries.  As long as you don't actually incorporate the source
code of the program in the book, you can license the book however
you want.

> Any help and guidance would be appreciated. 

I am not a lawyer; this is not legal advice (commonly abbreviated
"IANAL, TINLA" on this list).

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