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Rodent of Unusual Size Ken.Coar at Golux.Com
Thu Feb 26 13:53:42 UTC 2004

Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> That is a very complex set of issues.  First, the patent is not only
> licensed under the ASL2 -- it is actually licensed by the contributor
> to the ASF and any recipient of the ASF's software as part of their
> contribution. The Apache License makes the recipient aware of that
> license and the condition of reciprocity (as accepted by our
> community of contributors) under which that license was granted.
> The ASF does not have the right to sublicense any such patent;
> we merely pass the license along from the contributors.

except that the 2.0 apache licence can, by design, be used unaltered
by other entities than the asf -- so does the above continue to
make sense if 'ASF' is replaced by any other entity?  i think it does.
let's not lose sight of the fact that the licensor applying the
licence to its work may be something other than the asf.
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