Tony Linde ael at star.le.ac.uk
Tue Feb 24 11:24:45 UTC 2004


I am project manager for a scientific s/w dev project, AstroGrid. We are
involved with similar projects worldwide under the banner of an organisation
called IVOA (http://ivoa.net) and I've volunteered to investigate and
deliver an open source license that any of the IVOA member projects,
including AstroGrid, can use.

The goal is that any of the software we develop can be shared amongst the
partner projects without limitations (save retaining copyright and
contribution notices) AND that any code can be taken, adapted and used by
any commercial concern without restriction (again save for copyright
limitations). We don't want gnu-style licenses which force any extension of
the code to be also opened up.

I was initially looking at the IBM public license but note that this has
since morphed into the Common Public License (CPL). Is the CPL suitable for
our purposes?


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