License Committee report

Russell Nelson nelson at
Thu Feb 19 04:02:49 UTC 2004

Zooko O'Whielacronx writes:

 > So if I understand correctly, the Simple Permissive License and the
 > (ideally edited) Fair License both pass the litmus test of OSD.  In
 > addition to approving licenses which meet the OSD, the OSI also
 > prefers to slow the proliferation of substantially similar
 > licenses, and is therefore loathe to approve the Simple Permissive
 > License.  Finally, it seems that brevity in a license is not
 > valued, or else that the value of brevity is outside the scope of
 > the approval process.

Not in-and-of itself, particularly when you're talking about a license
which is well understood like the MIT license.

 > Another thing I don't understand is if the "let's not proliferate
 > substantially similar licenses" reasoning should not also apply to
 > the approval of the Fair License.

What is it substantially similar to?

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