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Alex Rousskov rousskov at
Wed Feb 18 01:46:35 UTC 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Russell Nelson wrote:

> While I agree with the goals of the license author, he's putting
> restrictions on the use of the software, and restrictions on use are
> not allowed.  He points to other licenses which restrict some
> modifications, but they do it at redistribution time, not at use
> time. Fundamentally, the author is trying to use licensing to
> substitute for trademark law.
> Title: Open Test License v1.1
> Submission:
> Comments:
>   Larry Rosen:
>   Rod Dixon:
> Recommend: disapproval.

Thank you for reviewing my license submission.

The license submission instructions indicate that OSI "will work with
[submittors] to resolve any problems uncovered in public comment".
Could you please let me know how that problem resolution process
works? Should I make modifications in hope to change your opinion and
resubmit the license? Or is there a better way?

Specifically, I would like to adjust the license so that there is no
perception that some uses of software are restricted. I am not sure I
understand the "modification restriction at redistribution time"
loophole you refer to above, but would be happy to use that if needed
(note that the submitted license does not restrict modifications of
software at all!).

Please advise what my post-disapproval options are.

Thank you,

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