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Fri Feb 13 20:40:12 UTC 2004

Richard Schilling scripsit:

> Look, folks the entire purpose of a license of any kind is to have 
> something to present to a judge in case something goes wrong, and to 
> clarify what rights are transferred to the end user.  The true test of 
> a license (for open source work in a business) is what happens in court 
> and in business negotiations.

If you think that's the entire purpose of the GPL, you haven't read it.

> If us non-lawyers defer to lawyers and listen more we may have more 
> lawyers providing constructive input.

As a matter of observable fact, being a lawyer or a nonlawyer has nothing
to do with the constructiveness of one's input to this list.

> Obviously, people are arguing that the GPL is invalid and providing 
> some detailed analysis.  I hope pays attention to that 
> and gets self-critical about their criteria really quick.  At present, 
> they are endorsing licenses that don't mean anything in front of a 
> judge.

You don't know that, and neither does anyone else.

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