Copyright Act preempts the wave theory of light

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Thu Feb 12 14:57:53 UTC 2004

To OSI License Discussion subscribers,

> From: Daniel Carrera <dcarrera at>,

> Can we stop these posts already?

About 280KB worth of e-mail has now be exchanged in discussing this 
topic, including the 'amusing' spin-off discussions.

It's certainly an important topic, if for no other reason than it has 
ramifications for other licenses beyond the GPL and, indeed, for the 
nature of Open Source. It also of course affects a large number of 
products and projects, although that is beyond the scope of the 
discussions here.

But at this stage, it might be worthwhile for all parties to 
acknowledge widely divergent opinions exist regarding the legality of 
the GPL (and have for a long time) and that the best way of 
'establishing' its' legal basis is still to wait and see how it fares 
once tested before a court.

That may happen during the SCOX vs. IBM litigation.

> Subject: Copyright Act preempts the wave theory of light

> A significant number of electrons were, however, severely 
> inconvenienced.

Energy is your friend =)

Cheers, Nathan.

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