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Ann W. Harrison aharrison at
Thu Feb 12 01:52:40 UTC 2004

I had described
> >
> > A commercial database repair tool of the Firebird
> > database code.. with proprietary code

In this example, the commercial tool would probably be a
single executable and not a set of libraries or plug-ins.
To my understanding, that's similar to a User's Guide to
Version 9 based on, extending and correcting the Guide
for Version 8.

>Please don't draw specific legal conclusions from
>my preliminary read of your software architecture

I greatly appreciate your time and consideration ... with
no liability attached ;)

>  I gather your product is designed to work with
>independently-created and independently-owned plug-ins.

Not particularly, though that's a general direction that
software appears to be moving.  Primarily, it's used with
client applications that need transaction-based data
storage.  We would like to allow others to build tools
around the package like the database repair tool I suggested.

Again, thank you for your efforts to educate the unenlightened.



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