Initial Developer's Public License

Ann W. Harrison aharrison at
Wed Feb 11 21:11:41 UTC 2004

At 03:49 PM 2/11/2004, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> > 1) Has an equivalent license been approved already?  I read the
> > approved licenses but IANAL and may well have missed one.
>Can you indicate how your proposed license differs from the GPL, and
>how it differs from the Open Software License?

Yes.  Unlike the GPL, the IDPL explicitly allows the software to
be distributed, linked, and included in commercial software.
Unlike the Open Software License, the IDPL requires that

   if the source is modified, modifications must be published
   under the IDPL license

   and that if part or all of the code is included in another
   product, interfaces between that product and the licensed
   source must be published under the IDPL.



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