Kevin Halle seanhalle at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 21 09:53:22 UTC 2004

Yes, please!  I'm one of the newcomers..  I found the list
through the OSI page link..  there was no indication that any
archive, or FAQ or any other info existed..  I did indeed
search, extensively, for such.  
   Many of us newbies are very embarrassed at asking questions
on the list, doing so only as a last resort.
   The dual-licensing scheme would be an excellent FAQ question,
explaining how copyright is retained and can be released under
licenses other than an Open Source license.

   A table, or matrix, or similar way to show the elements of
each of the licenses would also be very helpful in finding the
right one, rather than asking the list a question about "which
one is right for me?"

   And, most helpful in reducing the number of repeat questions
to this list, will be links in the navigation bar on the OSI
web-page which access the archive, the FAQ, and the table..
K S Halle

--- Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Quoting Ian Lance Taylor (ian at airs.com):
> > "Andrea Chiarelli" <a.chiarelli at manthys.it> writes:
> > > How can I distinguish an acceptable restriction from an
> unacceptable one?
> > 
> > By taking a step back and thinking about the goals of the
> OSD.
> Or by reading/searching the archives of this mailing list. 
> Didn't we
> have this exact same conversation about a month ago?
> I'm very tempted to start maintaining a FAQ on the Web for
> this list,
> collecting in one spot the members' frequently given answers
> to
> frequently posed questions.
> Of course, newcomers won't bother to check the FAQ any more
> than they
> check the list archives, but at least we'll have specific URLs
> to point
> them to, when they do that.

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