Redistribution constraint

Andrea Chiarelli a.chiarelli at
Thu Aug 19 17:39:32 UTC 2004

> ....
> As others have mentioned, the redistribution constaint is a problem in
> OSS.
> More importantly, why do you want to restrict your customer from making a
> profit redistributing the software? Do you want to retain the ability to
> sell the software yourself?

The principles we want to follow are:

1. we want to provide the software as the result of a consulting activity
(we don't sell the software but our work)
2. we want to avoid that the software be sold
3. who wants to make profit with the software must add something and may be
paid just for this addition(new functionalities, training, etc.)

> Depending upon your underlying needs, a couple solutions that may still
> allow you to release your software as open source include:
> ....

Ok for these solutions.
We want to explore if the previous principles are compatible with the Open
Source Definition.

Thanks for your help

Andrea Chiarelli

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