Redistribution constraint

Andrea Chiarelli a.chiarelli at
Thu Aug 19 17:37:51 UTC 2004

>  > - Is this redistribution constraint a problem for open source
>  >    philosophy?
> Sure yes.  Any kind  of restriction on  redistribution is  against the
> philosophy of OSS.

Excuse me if my questions can appear polemical, I just want to understand
The GPL constraint that imposes that every distribution must be licensed
under the GPL itself is not a restriction on redistribution? Is not GPL an
OS license?

>  > - Is there an already approved open source license that meets this
>  > requirement? (I have found none among the published ones)
> No. A license which prohibits  the user from redistributing for profit
> _is_ against  the concept of freedom.  It is `Free as  in Freedom; not
> free of cost'.
> A new license  which imposes such a restriction is  not (likely) to be
> approved.

Is a license that prohibits me from redistributing under another license not
against the concept of freedom? (Just to understand!)

I wait for your feedback.

Andrea Chiarelli

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