Affero GPL 2(d)

Mark Shewmaker mark at
Fri Aug 13 21:37:08 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-08-13 at 12:44, Alex Rousskov wrote:
>            For example, consider a
>  	   derivative work that uses portions of existing code
> 	   for embedded software or nano devices. With preserved
> 	   functionality, the derivative work may not fit into
> 	   memory available for that derivative work.

Here's another example:

When my customers scan their barcoded keytags in my access control
system, (and in doing so interacting with a number of programs that do
network access), they'll hear a pleasant beep for "access granted."

That's the only response they get--pleasant beep versus yucky beep.

If I were to have put together the system using programs covered by the
modified 2(d) clause as discussed, would I be in violation of that

To keep from being in violation of that clause, the only potential
options I can see available to me are:

1.  Allow my users to "request immediate transmission" of the source
    code, possibly doing three scans in a row really quickly, after
    which my my system would then somehow play the source code to them 
    over the speaker.

2.  Sending every customer the source code on CD, and making it
    available through the web.

3.  Not including such code within my system in the first place.

(1) sounds a bit silly to me, (2) sounds like it still wouldn't meet
modified 2(d) restrictions, (the source isn't being given to them via
the communication protocol they use for interacting with my system),
thus leaving (3) as my only real option.

That's a shame, as I'm guessing that people who want to protect their
code via such types of restrictions aren't really wanting it to have
such a limiting effect.

Mark Shewmaker
mark at

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