Some questions about GPL/LGPL

Xianzhu Wang phnixwxz1 at
Fri Apr 2 02:45:50 UTC 2004

Some questions about GPL/LGPL:

1. Is it valid to put GPL/LGPL and the source code of
a self-extraction binary into the binary itself? 
(When the binary executes, the source code will be

2. What is the requirement of a 'written offer' of
source code?  Is it allowed to merely put a text file
containing the offer text into the installation
destination without explicit user intervention during

3. I read that the user is not required to accept
GPL/LGPL to use the software.  Are distributors
required to explicitly tell the user about GPL?  Why
does WinCvs require the user to accept GPL to continue

4. I saw some totally free software use LGPL'd
library.  The author of the totally free software put
the source code and binary on the Web for download. 
In the source code, the LGPL'd library's source code
and license is included, while in the binary, only the
shared library included.  The license of the totally
free software itself does not require the binary be
distributed along with source code, and does not state
the fact that LGPL'd library included.  Is this valid
use of LGPL library?

Wang Xianzhu

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