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Tue Sep 30 16:36:37 UTC 2003

Hi Russell,

I finally looked at the license.   As far as I can tell, it was pretty  
generic.  The only unusual claim I could find was:
However, if you publish or distribute your modifications, enhancements  
or derivative works without contemporaneously requiring users to enter  
into a separate written license agreement, then you are deemed to have  
granted participants in the EU DataGrid a worldwide, non-exclusive,  
royalty-free, perpetual license to install, use, reproduce, display,  
modify, redistribute and sub-license your modifications, enhancements  
or derivative works, whether in binary or source code form, under the  
license conditions stated in this list of conditions.

I have no idea if this is legally coherent, but I don't see anything  
here that would create an OSD conflict, since other OSI licenses seem  
to automatically require similar things, just without the "separate  
written license agreement" escape clause.

-- Ernie P.

On Sep 26, 2003, at 12:32 PM, Russell Nelson wrote:

> This license has been sitting around for over a month, and nobody has
> said anything.  Maybe it's because it's obviously open source, but as
> committee members, I'd like to hear it explicitly from your mouths (or
> keyboards rather) to report back to the board.
> It's actually a fairly interesting license.  It's very like the
> modified BSD license in that you can do anything you want including
> relicense.  Where it gets interesting is that if you publish changes
> and DON'T require a written license for your derivative work, you are
> granting a license back to the original licensor.  This is a neat
> variant on the original APSL's intent of "If you deploy, you must
> publish and tell us."  It says "If you publish without instructions to
> the contrary, we get a license."  I think the FSF will consider this a
> free software license as well.
> Anyway, could I hear some discussion of it?
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