Commercial Open Source- state of play

Mário Amado Alves maa at
Mon Sep 29 11:41:04 UTC 2003

> My motivation is in finding an open-source model for software 
> that promotes all the well known and discussed aims of open 
> source but that allows a small independent startup to create 
> a revenue stream.
> I am working on a provocative short paper titled something 
> like "Why current open source revenue streams conflict with 
> the open source philosophy" that I would like to forward to 
> this list for comments.

You might find the Software Developers Cooperative (SDC) efforts at

of interest. The SDC is historically related to a kind "provocative
short paper" of the sort you describe that was discussed in this list
some time ago, entitled "Open Source Business Found Parasitic". You'll
find it in SDC as well as in this list's archives:

See also the Links section in the SDC egroup for more references on the
subject of "commercial open source".

license-discuss archive is at

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