For Approval: Open Source Software Alliance License

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Big Rick,

Your IBM funded-man Tony Stanco has the tape.  You should ask him for a
copy.  By the way, I see quite of bit of IBM money moving around Washington
these (ie. Ed Black, Bruce Schneir et al.)  Let them know that I have no
problem AdTI would be happy to accept far less money than those guys are
getting to support our research.


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> You are making some very legitimate points.  Last year, Bruce Perens, one
> the most active proponents of the GPL, said the exact same thing at an
> source conference, the GPL has limited commercial applications.

Hello again, Mr. Brown!  How are things at the Alexis de Tocqueville
Institute?  (You've moved from Erols to Verizon, I see.)  We haven't
heard much from you since I explained to the mailing list a year ago
which Microsoft-supported institute you're vice-president of.[1]

Anyone else who was at the O'Reilly conference:  What did Bruce _really_
say, in context?


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