For Approval: Open Source Software Alliance License

Sean Chittenden sean at
Thu Sep 25 16:09:44 UTC 2003

>  > Let me clarify some vocabulary:
>  > 
>  > people = home user or developer of applications out side of a
>  >          commercial entity working on a not for sale piece of
>  >          software.
>  > 
>  > businesses = commercial developers interested explicitly in the
>  > 	 purpose of developing commercial applications and products.
> Unfortunately, Sean, this does not clarify, but instead obscures.
> The GPL does not interfere with commerce.


> It interferes with the creation of proprietary software.

Correct, which is what I object to and why I created the OSSAL.
Businesses using OSSAL software would give the business the ability to
create proprietary software, even though the non-core parts are most
likely open and available to the public.


Sean Chittenden
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