Corba interfaces and GPL freedom

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Wed Sep 17 06:58:55 UTC 2003

--- David Johnson <david at> wrote:
> On Sunday 14 September 2003 09:00 am, Iain Barker wrote:
> Free Software should not be afraid of competition. If someone comes 
> along and "serverizes" the software, we should not be wringing our 
> hands, but busy writing Free clients instead.

You could also make a free mysql client and claim that it is not
derived work!

> > so it looks to me like there is nothing to prevent
> > proprietary code from server-izing any GPL code and exploiting it
> for
> > non-free purposes, without any obligation to give back the greater
> > work to the community.
> You've hit the nail on the head. Sometimes you have to just step
> back,  sigh, and accept that fact that there will always be
> software.

You will always have someone who takes and not gives in an population.
There is no protection by the GPL for very creative ways of doing that.

But if we look at the extensions to copyright law in the case of
consumables, then you will get into something interesting.

When you have a workbook or example in a textbook, it is under a
stronger version of the copyright, because copying it would do harm to
the publisher. The software author whose software is exposed by the
network interface could claim that his profits are affected by someone
unfairly copying his work.

The copyright law is intended on protecting the people who have the
money to lobby, so you see such perversion in the law.

That is why I have proposed a GFDL consumable database :

that could be put under the stronger term consumable clause and
therefore none could copy it without permission... that might make an
new and interesting license .


James Michael DuPont

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