Liability of users, what do you think?

Corrado On Hud c.topi at
Tue Sep 9 14:09:35 UTC 2003

Dear friends,

concerning copyright and patent issues, what do you think about the liability 
of users? Well, I teach a little about professional issues and ethics, but I 
never heard of such a thing in our legal system or, as far as I know, in the 
European legal framework. I do not know of anything similar even in the US 
body of laws.

Is then the user liable for copyright or patent violation even if s/he bought 
license to use the code from a third party which is offering it under a 
specific licensing scheme? As far as I know, the responsibility should be 
fully on the party which sells the license.

If this is true, how can Dell, pass the liability to the users, above all to 
the users who have bought the licenses in the past? This is surprising ...

Anyone did research on this specific subject?

C & R
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