For Approval: The Wilhelm Svenselius Open Source License version 1.0

Mário Amado Alves maa at
Tue Sep 2 12:54:54 UTC 2003

John Cowan wrote:
> Wilhelm Svenselius scripsit:
> > 6. Products derived from or containing any part of the 
> Software must 
> > be licensed as a whole at NO CHARGE to all third parties under the 
> > terms of this license.
> The trouble with this clause is that it makes it doubtful 
> whether the software can be put on CD-ROMs that are sold.
> Otherwise, the license looks fine.  But it doesn't seem to do 
> anything that the GPL doesn't do, or (more to the point) the 
> OSL version 2.

Actually this very clause 6 is stronger than GPL w.r.t. charging. GPL
does not in principle forbids charging.

The GPL in practice seems to prevent changing. A big open issue as you
know. See the "Open Source Business Found Parasitic" discussions here.
See also and references therein. And I think the
OSL would equal the GPL here.

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