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On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 05:01:16PM -0800, Ryan Damon wrote:
>     Actually, what limits your hability to distribute your application
>     is not MySQL AB, but the GPL itself.
> Thanks for the insights.  So let's suppose that I don't use the Mysql driver,
> but instead use another non-GPL'd driver, to access Mysql from my app.  Then I
> distribute Mysql along with my app, but as a separate executable.  Couldn't I
> then distribute Mysql under the terms of the GPL, but keep my application
> subject to my own license terms?  If Mysql tells me that I cannot do that
> unless I pay them a royalty, isn't that in itself a violation of the GPL?

Okey. Lets get wildly speculative here.

Supposing you get a Mysql driver, which is not GPL'd (LGPL would be a
wonderful license for it), and the drivers itself does not violate
the GPL (meaning it does not use any code that was previously
GPL'd in it), and you distribute the MySQL software according to the
GPL (source-code too, etc), the you can do it.

You see, the problem is where to get a non GPL'd driver. Can it be done ?
Under which license if Mysql documentation distributed ?

Now, a question for the lawyer in the list: if I use a GPL'd documentation
(example: describing an API) to create a software, must my software also
be licensed undes the GPL ?


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