I give up...

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Fri Nov 21 11:30:33 UTC 2003

Thanks for the replies...

Arnoud wrote:
> ...release it under the GPL ... (and keep it) proprietary in the internal
> Of course you cannot ever use any modifications from the external,
> GPL-licensed project in your proprietary internal project.
> How will your company benefit from the release as open source?

We want to benefit from the modifications and support made by the
community. That is why it should be under one license only.

David wrote:
> as i understand it, there is no requirement to use the BSD license
> downstream, but rather to merely provide the associated notices.

>From the replies, I gather that the BSD, MIT and ZLib licenses are the same

If not please highlight some differences...
Witch of these licenses gives developers the most freedom, and the most
Are all of them GPL compatible
Does any of these protect against someone taking the source and making
their own proprietary version, without recognizing the developers that
built it?
I suppose giving full freedom to my company, also gives it to others like

Jacobus Vosloo

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